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Gifts of the Hunt!

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BiteMe#1 :: No Cabide :: Hint: Pigs love apples!

BiteMe#2 [DM] Dakota na Moda Hint: My Cat!

BiteMe#3 [Formis Designe] Look for discount and find what you are looking!

BiteMe#4 Brii Underground Wear Hint: Green as Hulk

BiteMe#5 #187# Mainstore Hint: Rest in our seats ... 

BiteMe#6 Glitzz Hint: Look at my big letters!

BiteMe#7 A.K Body Shop Hint:  She a Model?

BiteMe#8 Fetching Pose Hint: you need to get ahead in life to find the necessary things!

BiteMe#10 Supernatural  Do not step on the cat's tail!

BiteMe#11 Telsiope's Couture Hint: The moon always beautiful!

BiteMe#12 Audrey Style Hint: Great Bear Sweet Tooth!

BiteMe#13 BN Designs

BiteMe#14 *.::&Y::.*

BiteMe#15 L'Anguisette Hint: Take Your Chances Here!

BiteMe#16 MISSNOISE Hint: A single fruit tree

BiteMe#17 [M.Second] Hint: How about relax a bit?

BiteMe#18 Quebra-Coco

BiteMe#19 Flor de Pimenta Hint:Sexy

BiteMe#20 Vitrage Boutique's Hint: The most famous road US

BiteMe#21 Braham

BiteMe#23 Cremosas Hint: I love Apples with Coffee! 

BiteMe#24 FLG Hint: I'll warm my mace in sailing.

BiteMe#25 Kabuki Hint: Have a nibble of my Erotic Series apple.  You'll moan with delight as my sweet juices flow down your chin.

BiteMe#26 Serendipity Designs Hint: Marilyn's lips were made for kissin, but nibbling is fun too.

BiteMe#27 *It's Gau* Fashion Hint: Always look on the entry!

BiteMe#28 **ORCHID STORE** Hint: From my window I see the distant.

BiteMe#29 :: No Cabide :: Hint:  I love Gifts! 

BiteMe#30 Ostentação Hint: Enjoy our balcony!

domingo, 15 de março de 2015

Hello dear readers!

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Hello dear readers!
It is with great pleasure that I introduce the designers list that are participating in our hunt! Thus making our fantasies come true, do not miss our prizes!

BiteMe#1 :: No Cabide ::
BiteMe#2 [DM] Dakota na Moda
BiteMe#3 [Formis Designe]
BiteMe#4 Brii Underground Wear
BiteMe#5 #187# Mainstore
BiteMe#6 Glitzz
BiteMe#7 A.K Body Shop
BiteMe#8 Fetching Pose
BiteMe#9 Beautitude Mainstore
BiteMe#10 Supernatural
BiteMe#11 Telsiope's Couture
BiteMe#12 Audrey Style
BiteMe#13 BN Designs
BiteMe#14 *.::&Y::.*
BiteMe#15 L'Anguisette
BiteMe#17 [M.Second]
BiteMe#18 Quebra-Coco
BiteMe#19 Flor Nateas
BiteMe#20 Vitrage Boutique's
BiteMe#21 Braham
BiteMe#22 ::Enchanted Ink ::
BiteMe#23 Cremosas 
BiteMe#24 FLG
BiteMe#25 Kabuki
BiteMe#26 Serendipity Designs
BiteMe#27 *It's Gau* Fashion
BiteMe#28 **ORCHID STORE**

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✧ ღ ✧ ----  Bite Me - Apple Sexy Hunt - 1L$  ---- ✧ ღ ✧

March 28 to April 28
Look for the apple!

                     The hunt Bite Me - Apple Sexy - came to heat the Second Life!
Our greatest prestige are Sensual items, so to represent sin and sensuality chose the apple fruit!
We hope fill your expectations and bring new costumes to their world.

*.* Have fun in this game and realize your dreams! *.*

Thank you for your attention ...
team Bite Me <3
 Site: http://bitemeapplesexyhunt.blogspot.com.br/
 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/huntsecondlife

 Starting: :: No Cabide ::

quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2015

✧ ღ ✧ Bite Me - Apple Sexy Hunt ✧ ღ ✧

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✧ ღ ✧ ----  Bite Me - Apple Sexy Hunt - 1L$  ---- ✧ ღ ✧

 March 28 to April 28
            Convidamos você lojista para participar da Hunt Bite Me, Apple Sexy, inicia dia 28 de Março e termina dia 28 de Abril. Item a ser caçado é uma Maçã no valor de 1L$.

            O tema da caçada é Pecado, são aceitas todas as formas de Vestimentas, Acessórios, Maquiagens e Sapatos que representem a sensualidade.

            O lojista deve colocar a maçã em sua loja até dia 25 de Março e nesta mesma data deve ser enviado o vendor (Foto FullPerm) do item da caçada para Athena Amulet.. 

            Os lojistas interessados por Favor deixa claro enviando um notecard para Athena Amulet com a LandMark de sua loja. Serão aceitas aplicações até dia 21 de Março.

            Após a confirmação de sua loja, será enviado o Grupo da Hunt e neste grupo estarão todas as informações.

Para qualquer questão contate: 
Athena Amulet
Carolina Kroll
               We invite you shopkeeper to participate in the Hunt Bite Me, Sexy Apple starts March 28 and ends on April 28. Item to be hunted is an apple in the amount of $ 1L.

             The hunt theme is Sin, are accepted all forms of garments, accessories, shoes and make-ups that represent sensuality.

             The shopkeeper must put the apple in his shop until 25 March and on the same date should be sent the vendor (Photo FullPerm) of the hunt item to Athena Amulet ..

             Retailers interested in Favor makes clear sending a notecard to Athena Amulet with LandMark your store. Applications will be accepted until March 21.

             After confirming your store, the Hunt Group will be sent and this group will be all the information.

For any question please contact:
Athena Amulet
Carolina Kroll